Education-No more a great deal

Vishvesh Parekh
2 min readJul 27, 2021


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In recent days, we have been hearing some news regarding Chinese government taking down on its 100 billion EdTech Industry and ruthlessly forcing it to become a part of its Not-for-Profit Industry. It is also being said that they are planning to achieve high population growth with this policy in the coming years.

But Why should I even care about some Weird Government policy of some Foreign Nation which has nothing to do with me??

The problem is we can't afford not-to-care as they are in a way planting an unknown seed, whose fruits can only be imagined as of now.

So Is it good? or is it bad?

Frankly speaking, nobody knows the real answer(Obviously, except Xi’s Government)

But this is the future.

In my democracy-ridden country, it will probably take around 40–50 years to come up with this type of policy but maybe with a different purpose altogether like

“To make the youth multi-skilled than multi-educated as rising education level is only leading to Sevier Unemployment crisis & the uneducated are seen creating more and more future sustainable jobs”

Obviously, that's just my opinion but there are enough shreds of evidence in favor. For example, Legendary Entrepreneur and Investor Naval Ravikant has said If you need a degree to do it, it’s not going to make you wealthy”. Kunal shah- Founder of CRED had recently revealed that one of his Senior Managers has not even passed the 10th grade. And the list goes on.

Now, what should we do??

Is our entire career at stake??

Will we remain unemployed even after getting some Blue-Collar Degrees??

The answer is NO.

With threat cometh Opportunity.

To stay relevant, we can always start with our own little side hustle(In my case-Writing). Use that side hustle to generate as many sources of Active/Passive income as you can. That way, even if the traditional pillar falls, you would always have other pillars to jump on.

P.S: I’m not earning anything here as Medium partner payout is not available in my country. But luckily I also happen to post all my articles on my Substack account where I can get a few bucks. Anyways, till next post.



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